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Spinning Star Studio  Square Dragonfly and Fern Dish

Spinning Star Studio Square Dragonfly and Fern Dish

Spinning Star Studio
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Spinning Star Studio Size: 4" x 4" square * Design: dragonfly with fern  Lead free * Dishwasher and oven safe * Handmade in Colorado My pottery is made from stoneware clay and fired in a kiln to over 2000 degrees. I use a slab roller to flatten the clay then cut out the shapes. I then press the design into the clay and let it harden. After is is dry, I fire it in the kiln the first time. Then it is called "bisque". It is now ready to glaze and fire the second time. The result is the beautiful pottery you see here. Due to the handmade nature of pottery, each one will be a little different. These differences are to be expected and cherished. Color Blue